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Please read the following rules carefully before registering:

the project Commission is not charged for withdrawal of funds.
The project Commission for replenishment of funds is 5% of the amount deposited by the user.

You can only enter funds using the PAYEER e-wallet.
By becoming a member of our service, You agree to these rules in full.


1. The client has the right to:

1.1 To Deposit funds to your balance.
1.2 inform and attract new members to the company using various advertising methods (websites, forum topics, social networks, etc.).
1.3 Send your suggestions and feedback to the company's Administration in order to improve the service.


2. The client undertakes to:

2.1 Comply with these rules in full.
2.2 carefully read the terms of crediting and payments.
2.3 Not to mislead the Company's Administration by providing false information.
2.4 if you find any problems or errors in the site script, please contact the support service.
2.5 not publish offensive messages, spread slander or other types of messages that damage the reputation of the Company or its clients.
2.6 Do not create a chain of 2 or more consecutive registrations in order to repeatedly receive referral bonuses from each of the payments.


3. Client conditions:

3.1 by Registering, You automatically confirm that you are an adult in the country of which you are a citizen.
3.2. The Client makes investments in the Company on their own initiative, and, therefore, the responsibility for the consequences lies with them.
3.3. If the Client invests funds in the Company, and this is contrary to the legislation of the country of citizenship, the responsibility for the consequences lies solely with the Client.
3.4 in the event of a conflict between the company and the client, this conflict must be resolved by negotiation between the parties.


4. Responsibilities and rights of the Company's Administration:

4.1 if the user ignores these rules, the Administration reserves the right to delete, block or fine the user's account without warning and without explanation.
4.2 If the user has written false information in the registration, the Administration has the full right to delete, block or fine him without warning.
4.3 in case of detection of chains of 2 or more consecutive registrations, in order to repeatedly receive referral bonuses from each of the payments, the Administration has the full right to delete, block or fine the user.
4.4 Emails sent to the Administration that have obscene content, as well as advertising will be ignored.
4.5 the Administration undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of the registered user's information.
4.6 the Administration is not responsible for possible losses resulting from the collapse of the company's investment projects.
4.7 Official news related to the project is only news published on this site.
4.8 the direct responsibilities of the Company's Administration include ensuring that the project's website and personal account are operational, as well as performing financial and investment operations. The company uses the most modern equipment and software, as well as reliable protection tools.
4.9 the Administration of the Company undertakes to ensure full confidentiality of personal data of its Clients, and under no circumstances will it transfer them to third parties (including tax authorities). The company's administration is not responsible for the Client's failure to ensure proper protection of their data, accounts, or voluntary transfer of their data to third parties.
4.10 the company Administration has the right to send informational notifications, requests for supporting documents and other messages to the client's email address at the discretion of the Company Administration. If the Company notifies you via email or on the project's website about upcoming changes, but the client does not read these innovations (or changes/additions), the responsibility for the consequences lies entirely with the Client.
4.11 the company Administration reserves the right to make changes or additions to this document unilaterally without the consent of its Clients. The Company is obliged to inform about the planned changes and the date of their implementation on the project website or via email to the email address specified by the Client during the registration process.
4.12 the Administration has the right to restart the service and reset any account data when the system account balance reaches zero.

If You do not agree with any of the points, You should not become a Client of the Company, and therefore register on this site. By registering with our Company, You agree to these rules in full.